HPC Registered Chiropodists / Podiatrists


Chiropody is available from the Birmingham Foot Clinic, with treatments being provided by Registered Chiropodists / Podiatrists, HCPC registerred. The Podiatrists can offer conservative treatments for common foot problems such as, calluses, corns, verrucae, ingrown or thickened nails and athletes foot.

All patients attending for podiatry will have a short history and physical examination carried out, there is an emphasis on the assessment of the vascular and neurological status of the feet.

The Podiatrist will then devise a treatment plan and explain to the patient what treatments are most appropriate and effective. There are three primary podiatrists with the Birmingham Foot Clinic and a number of associates. Each member of the team has differing areas of specialisation in addition to their ability to care for common foot complaints.

Areas of specialisum include, diabetes and high risk feet, ulcer care, biomechanics, sports injuries and minor surgery.

The Birmingham Foot Clinic is able to offer both clinic and home treatments for many conditions, adding to the convenience for busy professionals and those with mobility issues. Please use our appointment enquiry facility for more details.


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