About us

The Birmingham Foot Clinic is unique


The Birmingham Foot Clinic works from and in association with the BMI Edgbaston Hospital serving the needs of both private and NHS patients. It is a foot health clinic offering the very best in foot health care in comfortable and modern surroundings, always placing the patient first.

We deal with feet, day in and day out. Thus foot problems that can be unusual to general clinicians are easily recognised and successfully treated at the Birmingham Foot Clinic.

All members of the team are highly experienced professions, however it is often the joint working of these individuals that makes the key difference.

All patients attending the Birmingham Foot Clinic are first seen by the Lead Consultant Podiatrist, once a diagnosis is established a treatment line is devised. The treatment line is devised with the patient, based on recognised therapies with established levels of success.

No matter who the patient is treated by within the team, the Lead Consultant reviews progress and is readily available to the patient should there be any concerns as to progress or understanding.

The Birmingham Foot Clinic makes every effort to offer excellence in Foot Health Care, so if you have a foot problem which remains unresolved, it would be our pleasure to help you.

Our locations:

The Edgbaston Hospital
BMI Healthcare
22 Somerset Road
B15 2QQ

The Edgbaston Hospital, Birmingham Foot Clinic