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Gait Abnormalities

Gait abnormalities are changes in the way we walk that can over a period of time cause pain or deformity. The way we walk depends upon the synchronised function of the whole musculoskeletal system, including upper and lower neurological function.


There are various ways that we can assess gait, these include physical examination, observations from visual through to computer aided systems looking at position, pressure and other forces. In podiatric biomechanics we look in particular at the interface between the foot and the shoe / ground. This is because as podiatrists one of the main ways we influence the gait cycle is through placing a device between the foot and the weight bearing surface, such as an insole / orthotic.


Orthotics can be made to address function or pathology or both. Biomechanical treatment may be no more than footwear advice, through to prefabricated orthotics, semi-bespoke orthotics and full bespoke orthotic devices. Sometimes it is necessary to make or adapt a patients' shoes, especially when the foot is deformed in its shape.


Physiotherapy can further assist, and input from other specialist such as Sports Physicians / Trainers may be needed. Gait analysis and biomechanical therapies in podiatry is still a developing science, though a science that has already proven extremely effective for many, and which still has further potential moving forward for those whos pathologies are gait related.


We are able to offer a full package of care, whatever your need.



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