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Sweaty Feet (Hyperhidrosis)

Sweaty Feet. (Hyperhidrosis).

It is quite usual for feet to sweat and on occasions, for there to be a slight odour. However for some people the problem can be more persistent and uncomfortable. Excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis.

There is a greater density of sweat glands in the skin of the sole of the foot than anywhere else on the body. For a variety of reasons, sometimes the feet may sweat excessively. Occlusive footwear, hot weather, stress and hormonal changes are common factors.

Stale sweat can give an embarrassing odour, however if your feet have a notably offensive odour, a possible cause is a bacterial infection, this is known as bromhidrosis.

There are number of possible causes for hyperhidrosis, though most causes are of no general consequence it is essential that the cause of the problem is identified if possible.

If the problem is not too troublesome there are self help measures that you can use which will most likely eliminate the problem. If the problem is of concern or cannot be controlled by self help measures it is essential that you consult a State Registered Podiatrist / Chiropodist.

Self help primarily involves modifications to your daily foot hygiene routine. Wash and dry feet daily. If your feet are quite moist wipe surgical spirit into the sole as an astringent. Socks should be changed daily and more often if you have an active job or play sport. Shoes and trainers should be rotated in their use. If possible alternate between shoes daily to allow them to dry out fully. Whenever possible wear non-occlusive footwear, especially in warm weather. Do not use deodorant sprays, perfumes or talcum powder on the feet, as these will often exacerbate the problem.

Outcome / Prognosis
It is unnecessary to suffer from sweaty feet or unpleasant foot odour. Such problems can usually be addressed by simple modifications to daily foot hygiene routines. If such measures do not fully address the problem help is available from a State Registered Podiatrist / Chiropodist who will identify the cause and advise accordingly.

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