Birmingham Foot Clinic Treatments

Treatments available at the Birmingham Foot Clinic™

We treat all foot problems for all ages and our services include:


  • Foot Surgery
    Consultations are available for conditions including bunions, hammer toes and neuromas.

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  • Biomechanics
    Insoles specially made to treat and adapt the way you walk

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  • General Podiatry
    Treatment of the foot, from nail cutting to callus removal to advanced wound care we are here to help

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  • Common Conditions Treated
    We treat the majority of conditions that effect feet

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  • Medicolegal
    Certified medico-legal opinions and reports

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What happens at your first consultation?

At your first consultation your problem will be assessed, a full history taken and any tests required requested.  Please bring with you a list of any medications that you take and if possible wear clothing that allows not only your feet but your lower legs to be examined, such a loose fitting trousers.  If you have time to complete the new patient assessment form it will be reviewed at your consultation and helps form part of your notes.

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