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I attended your clinic at BMI Edgbaston for the treatment of right plantar fasciitis in November 2013 which resulted with the fitting of functional foot orthotics.  I am very pleased to report that the severe pain I had endured for over 18 months has significantly subsided to the point where I now feel am pain free.  I would like to convey my sincere gratitude for your aid and support in the successful outcome of treatment.


'In May and September of 2009 i had surgery under the care of John Malik and both operations have been a great success. His work is outstanding and the whole team ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible. I feel privileged to have been in Mr Malik's care and if anyone reads this with uncertainties as to have any required treatment then i would just say that i believe you will be in the best hands possible and to not miss that opportunity. For the first time in many years i am able to feel confident to walk barefoot in my home and not hide my feet by sitting on them or wearing socks even in the summer with or without visitors. More importantly the pain relief has been astounding and i'm looking forward to 2010 with a renewed vigour knowing i will be able to carry out sports activities with much greater ease. My thanks to the whole team and to Mr Malik who treats every person as an individual and who shares his time to explain details and ensure your understanding.'


'I had my first bunion operation on my right foot in Autumn 2005 - it was so successful I returned in September 2007 to have the operation on the left foot. I cannot tell you how delighted I have been and would recommend other sufferers to seriously consider the option'.

'My son had experienced for many years severe pain down the shin bone of both legs in the evening following exercise. This was limiting his activities as he knew that he would be in pain following exercise of any kind. Since having the insoles fitted by Mr Malik my sons life has improved considerably. He now is relatively pain free following any amount of exercise. Previously my son was having to take regular breaks from school physical activities and sports matches. The use of the insoles has meant that this is no longer necessary and my son is able to part-take in any activity knowing that he will not experience the severe pain he was enduring which at time prevented him going to school as weight bearing became a problem. A very big Thank you to Mr Malik for his services to my son and I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone else experiencing this type of problem. It will revolutionise the way you live your life!'

'I have recently had an operation undertaken by Mr Malik. There could have been risks with the surgery, as I am a person with a disability that affects my gait. However, Mr Malik was willing to undertake the surgery, wheras others might not have been. His comments were ' you are to young to have painful and deformed feet'.  Needless to say the outcome was perfect. I would recommend Mr Malik to anyone. His kindness, consideration and professionalism was second to none'.

'My name is * . I had my big toe joint replace two months ago. It is so good to be pain free and to be able to wear shoes without being painful. If anyone is thinking of having this procedure I would highly recommend that they have it don. I would really like totake this opportunity to thank Mr Malik. He is a most understanding and really cares about the patient. I would also like to thank the Nuffield hospital and staff for the way in which I was looked after and cared for'

'i never thought how good my foot would be after the operation and it is only 8 weeks i have had no pain whatever and would recommend any one to have the operation done'

It has been 5 weeks since my operation (2013).  I am now really pleased with the progress shown.Free from pain in my toe, amazing.Looking 4ward to wearing a stylish pair of shoes,without having to first take painkillers to numb the pain .My hiking boots are at the ready lol.Many thanks 2 Mr John Malik and his wonderful dedicated team,who made me feel relaxed throughout the entire operative precedure.I can with an honest sincerity recommend this fabulous hospital,and its super friendly staff. West Midlands

Hi John, I hope you are keeping well (2013).  It has been a year since you did my operation which was to repair 4 metatarsal breaks on both feet at the same time. Just thought I would let you know that both my feet are working perfectly and touch wood, I have not had any problems what so ever. I am completely pain free for the first time since I can remember and have never been happier. I am also doing my sports to maximum capacity without any restrictions which is fantastic.  I always think it is nice to know when something went so well so thought I would share this with you and thank you once again, it has completely changed my life.  Kindest Regards.  West Midlands

The treatment I had was: Big Toe Joint Replaced  Quote: Hi Mr Malik , A LINE OR TWO JUST TO SAY , I AM DOING OK WTIH MY FLEXI NEW TOE . -- I find seen as I stand most of the day in my line of work ,trainers are of suitable foot wear, changing over accordingly to a pair of crocks I invested in, a ballerina type ,so comfy.  I can however wear most footwear now , and feel I am progressing well, as predicted by you for the twelve monthly period , op being 6mth past .Many thanks to you + your great team once again. Merry Christmas 2u + best wishes 4- 2014  West Midlands

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