Benefits for Private Patients

As you would expect, there are privilages for patients that attend the Birmingham Foot Clinic as private patients.

We endeavour to provide excellent care for all patients, however private patients should expect more. Some of the benefits private patients can expect are normally:

  • To be offered an appointments within 14 days of contact, if the appointment is not convenient, options for alternative times and dates will be provided
  • A choice of operation dates, including surgery at weekends
  • Longer consultation times to allow a more full discussion of individual requirements, allowing for a relaxed environment
  • Some procedures can only be provided for private patients due to budgetary restrictions, such as procedures that are deemed by the NHS to be of 'limited clinical value'
  • A private room when having surgery, en-suite with television and telephone, free wireless internet access
  • A wider range of food options, with menu's designed by a Michelin Star Chief
  • Personal follow up after surgery by the operating podiatric surgeon
  • Digital gait analysis and state of the art orthotic devices that are usually only available to private patients
  • On-call post-operative care from the operating podiatric surgeon