Insured Patients:
Mr Malik is recognised by leading health care insurers for the provision of foot health care, podiatric surgery and gait analysis. For those patient’s that have health care insurance, it is essential that they keep their insurers informed at all times as to care being provided, and that requirements and restrictions are complied with. We can always advise if you need additional support with claims processes, leasing with your insurer for you if required. However policies are often individual and vary between patients.  Private care provided is ultimately to the individual being cared for, who remains responsible for the settling of costs incurred should insurance be inadequate or invalid.  Some insurers do not cover the cost of orthotic devices but do cover gait analysis, it is important to check so you are fully aware of the cost of treatment.
Private self-paying patients:
Patients may also pay for their own private care. Operations and procedures are costed with a fixed cost quote once a diagnosis and treatment plan has been formulated. However the basic costs for consultation, assessment and treatments in clinic are as follows:

Description Price
New Patient £195
Review patient £175
Injection in clinic or treatment room consultant fee £175 (+ hospital cost for equipment and drugs)
Ingrown toe nail surgery in treatment room under local anaesthetic £295 (+ hospital cost for equipment and drugs)
Digital gait analysis £250
Standard orthotics, 1 x fitting and review £395
Advanced orthotics / atypical devices £285
Standard orthotic devices £235
Pre-fabricated orthotics £50 - £95
2nd set of standard or bespoke orthotics orderred within 3 months of 1st set Refund of £50 on list price