A comprehensive range of biomechanical therapies


The Birmingham Foot Clinic offers a comprehensive range of biomechanical therapies. Biomechanical therapies offer a unique conservative treatment modality for many conditions that are exacerbated by malalignment of the foot to the lower limb and / or ground.

Biomechanical examination and gait analysis is the foundation to the expert biomechanical therapies provided at the Birmingham Foot Clinic. Such assessment includes digital force plate pressure scanning with computerised analysis and 3D optical scanning for teh manufacture of orthotic devices.  However the assessment process does not rely upon technology alone and always involves a hands on lower limb assessment and gait observation.

Orthotics are to the foot what spectacles are for the eyes. They are devices that when worn reduce the negative effect of malalignment or function. This can change forces acting about joints and stresses applied to supporting tissues.  The orthotics used by the Birmingham Foot Clinic are manufactured for the clinic with unique design features. These are produced by a our manufacturing partners or our clinical orthotist, dependant on the device required.

Orthotics are most commonly used in the treatment of pes planus (flat feet), ankle area pain, plantar fasciitis (heel pain) and metatarsalgia (forefoot pain). However they can be used in the treatment of any condition where skeletal alignment is influenced by the interaction between the foot and the ground (e.g knee pain or back pain).

It is often asked by patients is it really worth trying an orthotic'. At the Birmingham Foot Clinic we have a simple policy. If we prescribe an orthotic that you are unhappy within the first 4 weeks from fitting, we refund the cost of the 'orthotic device' in full; this demonstrates the confidence we have in the therapies we provide.  Alterations made to a device during the first 30 daysof wear are carriedout free of charge to ensure good fit and function.


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