Evidenced based surgical intervention to the foot

Foot surgery

The Birmingham Foot Clinic specialises in contemporary evidenced based surgical intervention to the foot. Our mission is to offer an excellent standard personal service for the treatment of all foot health conditions.

The Consultant Podiatrist leading the team, John Malik is an NHS appointed Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, HCPC Registerred Podiatrist, specialising in podiatric surgery and biomechanics.

All patients are initially assessed, where general medical and social circumstances and the presenting complaint are documented in detail. An examination is always carried out and appropriate tests (such as x-rays or MRI scans) are utilised to form a firm diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made a list of treatment options are discussed with the patient in detail, time is given for any questions that are raised. Patients are also usually encouraged to discuss treatment options with friends or partners and reflect on the options given for a short period before a treatment line is implemented.

Successful surgery is based on:

  • A firm diagnosis: If you do not know what is wrong, you can not choose an appropriate treatment.
  • Evidence based contemporary treatment: Based on the firm diagnosis made, treatment lines can then be discussed. The evidence base behind treatment lines offered, including any potential for side effects or complications, helps the Patient decide which treatment is most appropriate for their individual circumstances.
  • Understanding: The patient understanding the treatment and their contribution to a successful outcome, and the Consultant understanding the patient's needs, commitments and concerns are essential components to effective care. A key ethos to the service provided is that the patient has to be fully informed and enters into any treatment line with a sound understanding of the condition, treatments available and potential outcomes.

On the day of the operation all patients are seen prior to surgery by John Malik, who introduces members of the team providing care. After the surgery patients are assessed to ensure are comfortable and being cared for to an excellent standard.

All patients are given out of hours phone numbers to the hospital.  If there are any issues, patients are encouraged to contact Mr Malik directly so that any concerns or issues can be addressed in a timely and effective manner.  No matter how minor or major a surgery is in complexity, attention and care are assured.


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