Physiotherapy is available as part of your treatment


Physiotherapy is available as part of your treatment line from the Birmingham Foot Clinic if indicated. Internal referrals maybe made to the physiotherapy team at the Edgbaston Hospital. External referrals to physiotherapists closer to your home or with particular specialist skills are also utilised.

The Physiotherapy departments at the Edgbaston Hospital have the experience, space and facility to thoroughly rehabilitate patients whether they are attending post operatively or as part of a conservative treatment line. Initial appointments include an in depth consultation to ascertain causative and influencing factors of the problem that Mr Malik has referred you with. This will also involve an assessment of your lower limb joints as well as looking at the way you walk or even run.

Further treatments will aim to improve your symptoms and educate to prevent reoccurrence. These may include stretches and exercises or acupuncture and ultrasound.

Working as a team enhances the management of any patient and regular correspondence means that we are all aware of any changes within at management plan.


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